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Hyper Extension Brace

Product Descriptions Consist of rectangular metal frame worn in the front of the body. It has 3 pads to stabilize the spine and prevent forward bending. Height adjustable for better fit. Has cushion pad at the back. Velcro strap to attach the product

Cervical Orthosis

Product Descriptions: 2 soft yet rigid EVA foam mould to support and immobilise cervical region, large trachea opening which makes it compatible to use the endotracheal tube and also improves air ventilation. Velcro to hold 2 piece firmly.

Arm Immobilizer

Product Description Soft foam fabric provides cushioning effect from inner side, 2 parallel upright metal splints provide firm support to Arm and immobilise arm for better healing. Velcro with D – Ring to achieve desire compression and holding Arm immobilizer snugly. Common for left and right.

Cot Splint

Product Description Malleable yet rigid aluminium splint ensure holding finger in neutral position, can be mould in desire shape for better fitment and support. EVA foam on inner lining of splint ensure cushioning effect. Common for left and right finger.

Carpal Tunnel Splint

Product Description: Elastic around splints ensure adequate compression and fitment. Metal splint on palmar side ensure immobilisation of wrist. Anatomical thumb loop for free movement of thumb. Common for left and right.

Cervical collar with neck support

Product Description Semi rigid plastic collar covered with soft cushioning foam to hold cervical region in neutral position, foam padding on outer layer for long duration usage comfort. Velcro hook and loop on entire belt to adjust height as desire.

Rib Chest Belt

Product Description: Foam padding can be placed at the site of fracture or dislocation around the thoracic cage, broad soft elastic strap holds the foam padding at the site of fracture or dislocation snugly. Softer elastic strap enable normal breathing to the wearer.

Universal Shoulder Immobilizer

Product Description: Hold Elbow at 90o with Arm support and adjustable Neck newar tape strap, immobilise shoulder with foam padding strap around the Chest region. Common for left and right hand.

Pediatric Dorsolumbar Spinal Brace


Product Description:

4 Metal splints immobilise Thoracic and lumbar region, 2 vertical and 2 horizontal splints form frame structure to ensure firm support to Thoracic and lumbar region, 3 straps on front side for holding brace snugly, Shoulder straps to correct posture and ensure Thoracic region in neutral position.

Ankle Brace

Product Description: Soft laminated foam fabric ensures comfort and cushioning compression around the ankle area. Hold ankle joint snugly for adequate support to reduce range of motions moderately. Lace pull mechanically design to get customise compression around ankle joint. Plastic stays on collateral side ensure support and relief. Limit flexion and extension to some extent. Common for left and right.

Pavlik Harness

Product Description: Soft foam material used to support, shoulder straps, chest straps, Straps to hold hips in controlled flexion and abduction position. Allows hips movement in controlled manner, helps to stabilise the hip.