Home Blood Pressure Monitor

Home blood pressure monitor with Stethoscope
  • Blood pressure measurement is one of the most important specialized tests that ECARE , a pioneer in the sale and maintenance of home medical devices in Egypt, was able to provide with the highest quality and ease of use to suit the customer who is not specialized in medical devices, and now anyone can use it on a daily basis with the greatest amount of ease and comfort.
  • Everyone, whether sick or healthy, should know that when the arteries are healthy, blood flows easily and the heart does not need to work as hard, but when the arteries are very narrow or stiff, blood pressure rises, and the heart becomes tired, and in that case the arteries can be damaged
  • Therefore, it is necessary to keep with you the home blood pressure measuring device provided by ECARE , as it is distinguished by the use of the best materials in the manufacture of the blood pressure monitor, and its price is affordable for everyone.
  • Checking and measuring blood pressure has now become an easy and easy task due to the purity of the headphones provided by ECARE , through which the pulse can be heard with utmost clarity, and many people can learn to check their blood pressure at home, and there is no need to go to the doctor or pharmacist and make a great effort, especially for patients from Owners of chronic conditions or the elderly.

How to use?

  • First: The cuff (the separate part with the stethoscope) is placed around your arm with the use of the pump until the circulation is stopped and a small valve slowly empties the cuff until it reaches its normal state, and the doctor who measures blood pressure uses the stethoscope, placed on your arm, to listen for the sound of the blood pulse through the arteries.
  • Second - the first sound of a rush of blood indicates systolic blood pressure. Once the sound fades, the second number indicates your diastolic pressure, your heart's blood pressure at rest.

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