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Baby Breast Pump Tirle

We are here for mothers who are going to breastfeed their babies for the first time to have their first experience without any problems. With Wee Baby Tirle, which helps the milk to be secreted in the best way as a preliminary preparation for breastfeeding by activating the postpartum mammary glands, we are your biggest helper in strengthening the bond between you at the moment you connect with your baby for the first time. The pump part is made of silicone; With its natural, healthy and flexible structure, Wee Baby Tirle, which can be used easily on any breast, will be your greatest assistant in the first months after birth. You can easily drink the milk accumulated in the reservoir of the tirle breast pump, which helps lactating mothers to get rid of the excess milk accumulated in their breasts and relax. With its comfortable use, you will feel comfortable in the first months after birth.

Bottle brush set-فرشاة لتنظيف الرضّاعة

The bottle brush set allows you to clean all Chicco feeding bottles and accessories and is ideal for washing breastfeeding