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Gel Knee Cushion-ركبة شراب بوسادة جيل

  • Flamingo Gel Knee Cushion absorbs shock on the knee
  • The presence of Soft Gel sheet inside provides cushioning to the knee joint
  • The product is recommended during knee pain

Silicone Foot Insole-فرش سليكون للقدم

Specifications Effective in treatment of fat pad atrophy, diabetic foot and other foot related problems Designed in contoured arch fashion

Medial Arch Support-فرش سيليكون للفلات فوت

Medial arch support offers relief to strain, tired and aching foot Offers optimal support and comfort Preventive product recommended during

Heel Cushion-كعب سيلكون

Preventive product useful in offering relief from pain associated with bruised heels, heel spurs and plantar fasciitis This product relieves

Medical Shoe Pads (Feet Insoles)-فرش قدم طبى

  • Medical shoe pads are made from cotton material and natural plant.
  • Massage you feet
  • Active carbon fiber removes odors
  • Suitable for sport shoes
  • Keep your feet smell fresh
  • Improve the balance
  • Improve foot strength

Toe Separators-فواصل أصابع القدم

Specifications Helps to align and straighten toes with gentle but constant pressure Recommended in bunions and overlapping toes Washable and