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Pediatric Arm Sling-حامل ذراع للأطفال

Specifications Provides support to the arm in 90 degree flexion Presence of broad shoulder pad to reduce pressue on neck

Arm Sling Strap-شريط حامل الذراع للاطفال

Specifications Provides support and suspend the arm in 90 degrees flexion Heavy duty strap with 2 way buckle system Recommended

Pediatric Cervical Collar-مثبت رقبة للاطفال

Specifications Immobilizes cervical spine to certain extent Presence of air vents for ventilation Comfortable and easy to wear Available in

Knee Cap-ركبة شراب

Specifications Flamingo Knee Cap offers relief from knee pain after injury or inflammation 4 way stretch knit fabric ensures comfortable

Gel Tennis Elbow Support-مشد كوع جيل للتنس

Specifications Gel Tennis Support offers relief from pain and soreness The presence of Gel pad inside ensures better grip and

Gel Bi-Axle Hinged Knee Cap-ركبة مفصيله بدعامة معدن

Specifications Offers compression, support and comfort to the knee The presence of specially designed inbuilt aluminium hinges provides stabilization to

Ankle Grip-مثبت للانكل

Flamingo Ankle Grip provides compression, support, retains heat and offers relief from ankle pain The product is recommended during sprain,

Open Patella Knee Cap-ركبه مفتوحة بدعامة

Flamingo Open Patella Knee Cap reduces pain and inflammation and offers support to the knee joint This product is recommended

Knee Stabilizer-مثبت ركبة

Knee Stabilizer is easy to wear and provides proper alignment to the patella Recommended in treatment of patellar instability or

Wrist Cock-Up Splint-جبيرة المعصم

Immobilizes and supports wrist joint This product is recommended during sprain, strain in the wrist as well as after early

Thumb Spica Splint-جبيرة الإبهام

Provides support to the ligament as well as immobilizes thumb This product is recommended during thumb fracture and sprains

Elastic Wrist Splint-جبيرة المعصم المرنة

Provides comfort and helps to reduce pain Flexibility to uses in both right and left hand This product is recommended