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Air Compressing Therapy Device-جهاز العلاج بضغط الهواء

A Care Device Accessible At Home And Professional Efficiency

Massager Thrive 707A Handy Massager-جهاز مساج Thrive 707A

It Is A Total Body Massager. The Light Weight And Ease Of Use Allow You To Apply The Massager To Any Part Of The System By Yourself

Massager Thrive 717 Powerful Massager-جهاز مساج Thrive 717

Full Body Vibrator With Back Leg Pain Relief For Unisex

High Power Massage Stick-عصا مساج هاى باور

  • Massage device for home use.
  • Powerful massage for total body relief
  • Multi-Surface massage head for customized invigoration.
  • Two speed massage for gentle to intense massage.
  • Relief muscle pain and fatigue relief.

Relaxtra Massager-جهاز مساج Relaxtra

Rotating massager –Digital level screen – Easy to use – Massage – Lower Noise – Long power Capel

Shiatsu massage cushion MG 145-وسادة مساج MG 145

A relaxing massage at home with the versatile massage cushion. Whether it's your shoulders, neck, back or legs with the cushion with light and heat function, relaxation is guaranteed.

Shiatsu Seat Cover MG 206-مقعد مساج حراري MG 206

With the MG 206 Shiatsu seat cover you can experience a truly relaxing back massage in the comfort of your home.

Massage Seat Cover MG 155-غطاء كرسي للتدليك MG 155

Feel-good, relaxing vibration massage. The car adapter even allows you to use the massage seat cover in the car  ideal for long car journeys.

Infrared Massager MG 21-جهاز مساج بالأشعة تحت الحمراء MG 21

The Infrared Massager Provides A Soothing And Relaxing Vibration Massage. You Can Alter The Massage According To Your Wishes Thanks To The 3 Interchangeable Attachments.

Infrared Massager MG 40-جهاز مساج بالأشعة تحت الحمراء MG 40

 Relax And Enjoy A Soothing Vibration Massage. The Rotating Massage Head And 3-Way Adjustable Handle Make The Massager With Infrared Heat Easy To Use

Tapping Massager MG 55-جهاز مساج MG 55

With The Penetrating And Relaxing Tapping Massage You Can Relax And Loosen Your Muscles